More About Me

Olivia employs a fervent and pragmatic approach to her clients' real estate needs. She holds a Master's degree from Pepperdine University, with a certificate in conflict management and dispute resolution. With her clients' best interest always at the forefront, Olivia prides herself on her ability to find her clients the perfect home, or help them transition from their existing home with confidence and ease.

Prior to partnering with Ren Smith, Olivia was already well-versed in real property. She hails from a long line of Real Estate aficionados and has nearly a decade of experience in property management. Her most recent experience assisting Ren Smith was heavily geared towards luxury manufactured homes. As a result, Olivia has learned the ins and outs of multiple types of transactions.

When she's not selling the Malibu lifestyle to her amazing clients, Olivia is enjoying it for herself. A Midwest-native and passionate foodie, Olivia enjoys taking advantage of the amazing restaurants here in Malibu. She is also a fitness enthusiast who spends a lot of her time being active outdoors.