Client Testimonials

Carolina T.

Olivia communicates well. She worked with us throughout the entire closing process and helped us find a great inspector. We’re so excited about our new place and we’ll definitely be using her again.

Will G.

If I could give her 6.5 stars out of 5 I would. She helped find the best, most reliable family to rent my property. And did so quickly, professionally and conveniently. She’s the best.

Steven R.

If you’ve ever looked for a home, I’m sure you’ve seen all the hyperbolic property listings and descriptions out there. “One of a kind.” “Truly remarkable.” “The one you’ve been waiting for.”

But when have you ever seen or heard that type of language being used to describe a realtor? Is there even a realtor out there who can serve their clients in a way that moves beyond that kind of hyperbole and actually lives up to the hype? Meet Olivia Riley.

There are simply not enough superlatives in the dictionary to describe Olivia, and it’s impossible to put into words just how incredible she is at her job. Full disclosure: I’ve literally tried. Not possible.

The more you get to know Olivia and work with her, the more impressed you become. Beyond being an absolute gem of a person in the fast-moving, cutthroat world of real estate, Olivia is a detail-oriented bulldog who will always put her clients needs above her own, from the first moment to the last, no matter how long it takes.

From sending listings to help you find your dream home during the late hours of a Friday night, to reading every report and agreement that comes her way cover to cover (seriously, who does that?), you’ll be hard-pressed to find someone who goes above and beyond the call of duty the way Olivia does.

What’s equally unique about Olivia is her breadth of knowledge about the world of real estate, which stems from the fact that she genuinely loves what she does with an unbridled passion that’s palpable when you’re around her.

Olivia can tell you about the ins and outs of property management, talk about home repair, and even throw in an insightful comment or two about interior design.

And just when you’re mind-boggled by the dizzying array of knowledge she possesses, she’ll play chess while everyone else is playing checkers, seamlessly parlaying her treasure trove of wisdom into winning approaches when negotiating for you or helping you find that Goldilocks price on an offer or sale.

While buying or selling a home can be an overwhelming experience with a myriad of moving parts, instantaneous high-pressure decisions, and ups and downs, Olivia’s savviness and calming presence make you feel fortunate to have her on your side.

Her efforts and kindness on your behalf are truly inspiring, and the joy she feels in helping you is the joy you feel in knowing her.

Having been fortunate enough to have found Olivia, I cannot imagine working with another realtor ever again. She really is “one of a kind” (no hyperbole), and I hope you are able to experience the same joy in working with her that I have.

Tyler D.

If you are looking in the Malibu area I highly recommend Olivia. I found her to be highly knowledgeable throughout the entire buying process. Once the sale was closed Olivia went above and beyond continuing to help me with the move. I realized after working with her how important it is to partner with someone who doesn't just know the area, but is an actual local. This proved to be invaluable. I highly recommend this agent.